PSYCHE presentations

Active phases for high temperature Fischer-Tropsch synthesis in the silica supported iron catalysts promoted with antimony and tin

Biomass fast pyrolysis in an innovative gas-solid vortex reactor: Experimental proof of concept

Carbon-based catalysts for Fischer–Tropsch synthesis

Challenges and opportunities of solvent-based additive extraction methods for plastic recycling

Gas Solid Vortex Reactor procesintensificatie in al zijn facetten

Identification of efficient promoters and selectivity trends in high temperature Fischer-Tropsch synthesis over supported iron catalysts

Mobility and versatility of the liquid bismuth promoter in the working iron catalysts for light olefin synthesis from syngas

Towards a better understanding of delamination of multilayer flexible packaging films by carboxylic acids

Towards closed-loop recycling of multilayer and coloured PET plastic waste by alkaline hydrolysis

Unravelling the influence of catalyst properties on light olefin production via Fischer–Tropsch synthesis: A descriptor space investigation using Single-Event MicroKinetics

PSYCHE guest lecture on Fischer-Tropsch synthesis and gasification

Presentations Workshop 3

The PSYCHE project (Prof. Kevin Van Geem, UGent)

Activated carbon purification (Timothy Mosselmans, Chemviron Carbon)

Microwave plasma gasification of biomass (Prof. Georgios Stefanidis, UGent)

An overview of high temperature syngas purification (Benoit Kartheuser, CERTECH)

Recording PSYCHE workshop 3

Presentations Workshop 2

The PSYCHE project (Prof. Kevin Van Geem, UGent)

Direct numerical simulation of mass, momentum and heat transport in fixed bed chemical reactors (Prof. Hans Kuipers, TU/e)

Atomization and combustion of viscous fuels (Prof. Artur Pozarlik, UTwente)

Vortex chamber technology: Flow regimes and applications (Prof. Juray De Wilde, UCL)

Recording PSYCHE workshop 2

PSYCHE guest lecture on syngas purification and vortex reactor technology

Presentations Workshop 1

The PSYCHE project (Kevin Van Geem)

A European vision on chemical recycling (PlasticsEurope)

Gasification of plastic waste materials (Qi Chen)

Potential plastic feedstock for gasification (Steven De Meester)

Interview with professor Steven De Meester on the recycling of plastic waste [in Dutch]

source: VRT NWS